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20 multifandoms

These are monthlyinspo and theme was Back to School!

sciense.png Reign2.png Lydia-Lief-falling.gif

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Science; In science, I focused more geometric and numbers. Also, I tried to make bold colourings!
History; Muted colours, clothing.
Gym; There is 7 gym :D 15 and 18 are take inspiration from in motion and butterfly texture.
Art; I tried to make out of the box, but I am not sure did I succeed ;D LOL.

Alts. history

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34 multifandoms icons

Here's an icon dump of icons I've done recently for various challenges.

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*ANd credit if you take any :)

Cinderella 1x
Ice AGe 1x
Madagascar 2x
Turbo 1x
The little mermaid 2x
Aladin 1x
Teen wolf 10x
Doctor Who 1x
Sleepy hollow 1x
The lord of the rings 1x
Buffy the vampire slayer 3x
Game of thrones 1x
The vampire diaries 1x
Lost 1x
Supernatural 1x
+four icons I don't know :-D

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