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20 icons

These are for the 4th round of technique20in20. I have to say that this round was very challenge and difficult but still of course, fun to make! There have to be a lot text and it's not my strength :D But at least I try! ;)

Comments are very important to me :)
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Supernatural x7
Hannibal x6
Now you see me x1
Teen wolf x1
Glee x1
Pitch Perfect x1
The hobbit x1
Once upon time x1
Game of thrones x1

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40 icons

These are for the 5th round of couples20in20.

Comments make me smile :)
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Credit if take any :)

Fandoms included:

Teen Wolf 20
Doctor Who 3
Supernatural 3
Brokeback Mountain 3
The hunger game 2
Game of thrones 2
Farscape 1
Person of interest 1
Harry Potter 1
Star Trek 1
Sons of anarchy 1
The vampire diary 1
The Big Bang Theory 1

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