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83 icons

These are for the 3th round of technique20in20. It's my first time there :D

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The vampire diaries 16x
Teen wolf 14x
Buffy, the vampire diaries 11x
Star Trek 7x
Supernatural 5x
Game of thrones 4x
Farscape 3x
Lost 3x
Les Misérables, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, The tomorrow people 2x
Spartacus, The walking dead, Hannah Montana, Legend of the seeker, Charmed, Terra Nova, The hunger games 1x

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40 icons

These are for the 5th round of couples20in20.

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Fandoms included:

Teen Wolf 20
Doctor Who 3
Supernatural 3
Brokeback Mountain 3
The hunger game 2
Game of thrones 2
Farscape 1
Person of interest 1
Harry Potter 1
Star Trek 1
Sons of anarchy 1
The vampire diary 1
The Big Bang Theory 1

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