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83 icons

These are for the 3th round of technique20in20. It's my first time there :D

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The vampire diaries 16x
Teen wolf 14x
Buffy, the vampire diaries 11x
Star Trek 7x
Supernatural 5x
Game of thrones 4x
Farscape 3x
Lost 3x
Les Misérables, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, The tomorrow people 2x
Spartacus, The walking dead, Hannah Montana, Legend of the seeker, Charmed, Terra Nova, The hunger games 1x

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62 multifandom icons

Here's an icon dump of icons I've done recently for various challenges :)

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Icons included:

Doctor Who (Amy Pond) 20
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 15
Teen wolf 4
Capin in the wood -movie 3
Angel 3
Buffy, the vampire slayer 3
Pink 3
Demi Lovato 3
Rihanna 2
Adam Lambert 2
Annie 1
Britney Spears 2
Lily Allen 1

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40 icons

These are for the 5th round of couples20in20.

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Fandoms included:

Teen Wolf 20
Doctor Who 3
Supernatural 3
Brokeback Mountain 3
The hunger game 2
Game of thrones 2
Farscape 1
Person of interest 1
Harry Potter 1
Star Trek 1
Sons of anarchy 1
The vampire diary 1
The Big Bang Theory 1

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60 icons

Here are three 20in20 entries. The first one is Teen wolf 20in20 and I chose Derek Hayle. The second one is for couples 20in20 and I claimed Derek and Stiles from Teen wolf. They are one of my newest ships and I am really into it right now :D

The third one is Vampire diaries 20in20 and I claimed Elena Gilbert.

I wanted to try some different ways of using textures in these sets. I used a lot of innocent_lexys and raiindust textures.

The category set for couples20in20 was all about OTP which means that we had to choose our first OTP (for me it was Buffy/Angel), newest (Doctor/Master), platonic (John/Zhaan from Farscape), favorite movie ship (Katniss/Peeta) and ship we’re embarrassed about, which was difficult because I’m not really embarrassed to admit any of my weird ships :D but I went with Sam/Dean even though it’s pretty much public knowledge that I ship them, lol.

The Favorite song lyrics theme was pretty difficult because I wasn't really sure what my favorite song even is, but I picked 'Criminal' by Britney Spears because she is my favorite artist :D

The Elena set is pretty quickly made, as I just randomly decided to sign up a few days before the deadline. The Teen Wolf icons I spent more time on though and I’m more content with them I think?

I hope you like them ! :)
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